Lorraine Moon


Lorraine  brings many years experience as an accountant to managing the financial functions of the organization, and a desire to work to improve the lives of others. She earned her BS in Biology from the University of Maine and served in the Peace Corps in Tanzania for 3 years.  This service fueled her life-long desire to always give what she could to improve the situation; she began by volunteering as treasurer of her kids’ PTO, where she was inspired by others who thought it was important to provide enrichment and resources for all the students in her town, not just the ones in her school. This led to the formation of the Waltham Education and Beyond Foundation, with Lorraine responsible for securing its non-profit status.  Lorraine served as treasurer for seven years, and remains on the Board of Directors. It was this experience of organizing and running a foundation that made it easy for her to help with the formation and management of You Go Girl Yoga, Inc.