Emily Preet Royce


In the last three years Preet has undergone a transformation from a self-identified angry, stressed and unwell person to a loving, present and joyful being. Multiple Sclerosis and daily chronic pain have been her teachers in this lifetime. They brought her to holistic health and opened her up to the many creative paths to heal accumulated trauma. Yoga, meditation and reiki have been the crux of her healing and she has seen their power to transform states of being and life circumstances rapidly. She believes that full body, mind, and spirit healing are possible for all. Preet seeks to meet every individual where they are, work with them so that they may feel empowered to listen to their inner voice and blossom together into new healing territory. She encourages students to inhabit their body and breath: to pause, bring awareness, and relax into life. To cultivate joy, compassion, and love for oneself. To connect to spirit, community, and their true selves. She envisions a world where everyone is able to fulfill their healing need, where we build our skills and share freely with one another, where the Queer community and People of Color have equal access to reawakening their souls, where self-healing is not seen as self-indulgent but rather a necessary step for social change. Preet identifies as a healer because she knows that she is healing herself. And by first healing herself, she is able to heal those around her. Her life is built on the belief that if you love yourself deeply enough, this will spill over into love for all. And when you can see yourself as the other, and love all things as yourself, there is no stopping the power this love can bring to the healing of the world. Preet is a KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, a certified Yin Yoga instructor through Joe Barnett, and a Master Level Usui Reiki Practitioner. She is currently one of the managers at JP Centre Yoga and sees clients for private yoga and reiki. She also teaches workshops and reiki trainings in the Boston area.