Daljot Kaur/Peggy McClellan

Core Visioning Consultant 

Daljot, MA, ELI-MP, KYT, Co-Founder of WELL, is a Certified Professional Coach and Mindfulness Mentor who uses a very effective and partnered process of moving catabolic (destructive) energy to anabolic (constructive) energy.   Kundalini Yoga and Meditation help to support the process by providing tools and practices to help move through internal blocks that are creating resistance to your natural abundant thinking and acting.  The journey from catabolic to anabolic attitudinal energy will increase physical energy, feelings of purpose and fulfillment, and help you to achieve higher states of consciousness, love, and compassion, contributing to how much success you experience day-to-day. Using coach tools, and her vast resources from personal experience moving through complicated grief and transition, Peggy works with you to achieve more personal freedom, happiness and fulfillment, and the energy to enjoy it.