What Does It Mean to be a YGGY Donor?

What does it mean to be a donor?
Can you put a number,
on saving someone’s life,
on contributing to the process,
to end the world’s strife?
it starts with just one girl,
and grows from two to three,
then right before your eyes,
you’ve changed a community

Elevate her:
to rise above the thinking
that perpetuates fear and rage
give her Mind wings to fly
above her socially-inflicted cage

Empower her:
to serve with compassion,
helping others be their best,
to lead her community confidently,
putting social norms to the test.

Educate her:
to live in Love,
to respect her body and her space,
to connect profoundly to her truth,
and act with divinity and grace.
Making a gift is on click away: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr…
From all of us at YGGY, thank you! Let this New Year give us all the grace, strength and courage to enhance our collective positivity, and comfort, love and uplift each other!

Cindy Ludlam