Successful Pilot Program at Napa State Hospital

We are nearing the end of our pilot program at Napa State Hospital. This pilot program was taught by our amazing, Rachel Lev.

These women have come such a long way in the YGGY program that was designed just for them. 

The Napa pilot program created a specialized curriculum for institutionalized women who have been severely abused (sexually, physically, and emotionally). Some of them have a severe mental illness. Some of them are suicidal and many of them are para-suicidal.

In the spirit of supporting the current Napa State Hospital programming, this curriculum created a yoga and mindfulness/meditation/art program for women that addressed development and provided tools to manage stress and cope with trauma.  This program also represents an opportunity to give the women a sacred space to begin to develop habits of body and mind to engage in empowering ways of thinking and behaving. This program is also designed to bring new life to the Napa Hospital community with consciousness and more confident women.
As the women progress through each class, we have seen their level of stress and anxiety reduce and resilience, empathy,  self-love, self-understanding increase. 

To protect the privacy of the women we can’t show them wearing their new t-shirts but we wanted to share some of what they wrote. They each received a shirt to fill in their own “I Am” statement at the beginning of the program. Rachel says many of the women have been wearing their shirts everyday and they love them! They said they are feeling empowered and strong and like they “belong” to something.

Cindy Ludlam