Rise and Shine! How to have a GREAT DAY - EVERY DAY

Powerful women are being called to action to create a culture filled with positive vibes. When babies come into this world, they come into it with a positive mind, but as we know maintaining that positivity is dependent on environment and life circumstances. But if we’re being honest, staying positive is challenging for everyone, teens and adults alike.

With a tiny bit of focused effort, you can create a superhero-sized positive impact on your day, and in turn positively impact those around you. IT ALL STARTS WITH YOU!

We’ve put together a few simple tips to help you create the positive vibration that is so needed in the world today.

For moms and women of all ages: 
Wake up early! If you have children wake up before your children. If you work in a dorm or group home, this is also important. This is your time to connect to what is positive in your life and let that attitude of gratitude take hold. Do yoga; meditate; journal; drink a big glass of lemon water, coffee or tea; dance—or just sit outside under the rising sun. These are simple suggestions that give yourself more patience and time throughout your day. Yes, taking time for yourself gives you more time because you are more focused and less stressed. It’s less important how much time you set aside; making the commitment to the habit reaps the biggest rewards. If you have a half an hour or more that’s awesome, but even five minutes will make a noticeable impact.  This practice made all the big difference in my life, especially when my children were young and I was working as a dorm parent.

For teenage girls:

I encourage all teens to set a very clear intention for their day. I’ve worked with teens for 25 years, and have had my own. Teens are amazing: They are filled with creativity, hope, and so much more. But morning may be tough for some. Most teens have trouble going to bed before midnight (that’s how they’re wired), so getting up early proves challenging. Add to that, teenage girls more so than boys criticize and judge themselves, which often makes them grumpy.

So before you jump out of bed and get on with your day, try some of the following tips to set a positive tone for yourself and all those in your life. Holding a positive mindset is totally possible at your age, but it takes work and a recognition that you have a choice in how you perceive and react to stress. For instance, if you start your day by saying, “This day sucks, I have a test today and I don’t want to take it because I know I will fail,”  then in all likelihood your day will suck and you will do poorly on that test.

Setting positive intentions helps you have more energy, resilience, and stamina, and it will impact your health and well-being in a positive way. And, yes, it will impact your test results!

  1. After waking up, sit with a straight spine in bed and take a couple of minutes to just sit with yourself. Try these three exercises below.

Close your eyes and try Long Deep Breathing.

INHALE and slowly move your belly outward (like a balloon being filled). Bring the breath to the lungs and the top of the chest.

EXHALE and slowly move your belly in (like a balloon deflating). Your ribs and chest will also come in.

Do this as slowly and fully as you comfortably can. Try to have equal length inhales and exhales. The whole breath is done very slowly and the air moves in and out through your nose, not your mouth. Some people find it helpful to place a hand on the belly and chest.

What Long Deep Breathing will do for you: you may feel more open, calm, relaxed, and creative. It regulates the body’s pH which affects your ability to handle a stressful situation. It resets the brain so that decisions will flow automatically and intuitively in a crisis situation. You may feel greater alertness and awareness due to the life force (prana) of oxygen.This type of breathing allows positive feelings to emerge, which can negate feelings of fear and anxiety.

Neck Rolls: Inhale through the nose as the head comes forward, and exhale through the nose as it goes back. Change direction at least once.

Shoulder Shrugs: Inhale through the nose as the shoulders rise toward your ears, and exhale through the nose as you drop them down. Try to doing these for 1-3 minutes each.

  1. With eyes closed bring your hands onto your heart (or place them in your lap) and ask yourself:

How do I feel in this moment?
What do I want this day to look like?
Who or what will I spend my time connecting with today?

Ask the questions and then try not to answer. Just take long deep breaths through your nose, and then listen to what comes up for you. Write down the answers.

  1. Finally, with closed eyes, connect to three things you are grateful for. Giving thanks helps you connect to your positive mind, and it feels great!


For babies and smaller children:

Wake them up with a gentle touch, kisses, and song. If the room is dark, let the light in slowly. When my children were small, I would sing to them in the morning or put on music to help wake them up. We would do yoga and meditate. As they got older and set their own alarms, they created their own morning playlists and habits, and that music could often be heard, along with their happy voices, while showering.

Here is a play list that we put together to help you start the day on a positive note!

Link: https://open.spotify.com/user/1221111242/playlist/6dL2QnSDPPs4bbx2Q87Gdz

These suggestions might seem overly simplistic, but in practice you may find them hard to do every day. We often have resistance to doing things that make us feel good. Sounds crazy right?

“When we engage in practices like journaling, meditation, or even exercising, we might feel resistance to change. This resistance might conflict with a desire for healthy change—the desire that prompted us to start up that activity in the first place—but it has a very healthy grounding behind it: change can be scary. Change is about going into the unknown, while what we have right now is familiar and comfortable, even if we’re not 100% happy with it.” *

But the more relaxed we are, the more we are able to connect with our authentic voice. Communication becomes clear, and our behavior and actions are more aligned with the positive things inside and outside of us.

Give it a try and let us know how it goes! All of these exercises are great for boys and men too!


Keep on Shining!

Cindy Ludlam