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To help make You Go Girl Yoga™ programs a reality we need your help.  We've gotten off to a great start with our core visioning group and have sucessfully launched You Go Girl Yoga™, but we need more help, and that's where you come in. Core visioning group members include: Siri Bani Kaur, Peggy McClellan, Bibi McGill, Lydia Burns, Lorraine Moon, Paloma Devi, Eve Bergman, Kelly Ziehm, Helen Clark, Viriam Kaur, Emily Royce, Jennifer Woodward, and Nadia Colburn. 

You can volunteer with us directly or simply DONATE NOW to help us get started.  Contact us to learn more about opportunities and ideas for donating, fundraising, hosting events, campaigning, buying gifts, and involving your school or company. There will be many ways to get involved, such as creating programming, web and logo design, fundraising, donating, serving as board member, teaching -- just to name to name a few.  We invite you to join our working group to help “You Go Girl Yoga™” become a reality for generations to come.
Founded in 2015, You Go Girl Yoga™ is a for purpose organization dedicated to designing and delivering optimal, evidence-based yoga programs that offer life skills and coaching so that all people can experience personal freedom beyond life’s circumstances. 

Through its unique curriculum, online and outreach programs and for-purpose partnerships, You Go Girl Yoga™ ushers in the next generation of thoughtful, peaceful, and influential leaders focused on the greater global good, tackling issues with mutual support and empowerment.  
YGGY is a 501(c)3.  Donations to YGGY can be treated as a contribution to a charity.  
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We believe that women are the key to ushering in the new generation of peaceful leaders, and envision a world in which women harmonize their unique voices to transform suffering and hardship into a new paradigm of global peace.  

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Coming soon, programs such as:

  • You Go Girl Yoga™ Coaching
  • Corporate You Go Girl Yoga™
  • You Go Girl Yoga™ in the Public and Private School Systems; K-12, College, University
  • Empowered and Compassionate Motherhood
  • Body Love and Body Politics

You Go Girl Yoga™ emphasizes the importance of community in mutual empowerment, elevation, and encouragement of girls and women of all ages.


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